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Air Express International is located in HAITI,in the Caribbean region

We will provide you with reliable information to get you on the right tract, and competent advice to keep you updated as the country unrolls so that you can always try to be one step ahead of the competitions. Haiti is wide open for all investors as current political and is a land of opportunity  .  with the exchange rate your dollar will go further !


Air and Ocean Freight

We are primarily involved with Customs Clearing, transport and local distribution of cargo and freight, from air and water craft, including responsibly moving goods from ports to warehouses. 

Additionally AEI/ELS have provided services to NGOs ,manufactures and the commercial sector

Local Distribution

Express Logistic Services was created in the year 2000 by Dominique Bazin. We have assured the responsibility of major duties. We oversee by operations of landing ships that carry all diverse commodities and manage their responsibility such as deliveries, storage and reconditioning of products. Our offices are conveniently located at 25 Rue O,Turgeau


Languages: French, English, Creole


Hours of operation

8 : 00 AM –  4 : 00 PM   Monday - Friday

8 : 00 AM – 12: 00 PM   Saturday

Address:  25 Rue O, Turgeau
                  Port-au-Prince, Haiti



when we want professional customs clearance services at a resonable price, we go to Air Express Intenational


The Salvation Army

They have motivated employees


PS International, LLC

They care of US!!



We are more than business associate, we are friends !

What our Customers say about us

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